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A Bit About Us

My Story

Zen Yen was founded on the basis of a wholistic approach to wellness and stress management. 

Working in the corporate world and also being a business owner, I understand the stress and pressures of both.  After experiencing added stress from a series of traumatic life events, I suffering burn out myself. I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and PTSD! My life and myself were no longer recognizable to even me and became a mere shadow of what once was. Sadly, I found traditional methods did not work or had limited success. I had to get out of this funk or live a life of doom and feeling unfulfilled, overwheled, diminished and defeated at the whim of stress.  In order to fix myself, I invented and designed my own program that I found almost had instantaneous results!

The magic was in combining modalities synergistically in a very specific sequence that was magical to the mind,body, and soul! It was shocking how fast and effective it was! I started sharing my advice with others in my other business in the holisic wellness industry. When educators in neuroscience with years of experience told me this was brilliant and their eyes lit up I knew I had a mission to then share it with the world. 


So you are not just getting  a program based on knowledge but real life experience and wisdom from someone who has actually lived it so understands it and more importantly understands how to change it!

My training includes:

- stress management

- life coaching

- corporate wellness

- massage

- acupressure

- aromatherapy

- crystal therapy & reiki

- Feng Shui

- hypnosis


In addition to holistic health certifications, I hold several certifications in business, including in management consulting as well as hold an MBA in global management and a Bachelor of Commerce in international business. I have also worked in various levels and all areas of business, as well as abroad. My LinkedIn profile is Simone Ewart.

My unique signature program is based upon the EBook The Modern Day Monk's Bible written by Simone and Yogi

PHONE 2508890038 Canada


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