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Environmental Wellness

Environmental wellness relates to your relationship with your surroundings, including your home, workplace, and community. it can include your digital workspace as well.

Environmental Dimension: Stress can exacerbate environmental stressors, such as air pollution and noise. It can also increase the risk of developing environmental-related illnesses.


Often we must release old belief systems regarding to change our behaviours and habits. Decluttering  can  include self-discipline, decluttering your mind, hypnotize yourself, be more centrered, end self -sabatoge, dissove anxiety, release fear, complete relaxation, elimitate stress, erase phobias, and gratitude.

Statue holding ears closed


By changing things in our environment we can get a resurge. Future environment whether at home, workspae or digital space , you mind can help you with gratitude, self- discipline, decluttering your mind, hypnotize yourself, visualization success, whole brain thinking, total focus,  happiness, relaxation, eliminate stress, zen master meditation, energy surge or waking up with energy, reinventing yourself,  or others.

Image by Natalie Grainger
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