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Our Services 10X Your Wellness
Group Coaching

We offer group coaching that covers the 8 areas of wellness by incorporating stress management and the integration of biohacking and neurohacking . This is a complete life wellness transformation program in which we cover all 8 areas of wellness.
We spend 10 months together meeting bi-weekly Sunday morning for 2 hour sessions.


You will

  • Learn about stress and various biohacks and neuro hacks for health and well-being

  • Identify  your stressors and prioritize stress management to create your own custom roadmap

  • Learn about and practice working with your brain through  modes like solfeggio, binaural beats, meditation, mindfulness,  journalling, NLP/hypnosis

  • Learn about and participate in live sessions such as in: self-massage, singing bowls, aromatherapy, Feng Shui, reflexology, vision boards and mind mapping, deep breathing, Chakra tuneup  (*depending on group preference and rewards*)

  • Tips and hacks to sleep better, eat healthier, exercise easier

  • Modern Day Monk eBook  PLUS 3 More Bonus Ebooks!

  • Resources

  • Coaching and facebook group support


  • Fast effective stress management techniques

  • Possible immediate results in well-being

  • Complete transformational program in all areas of life wellness

  • Fun, integrative program designed to work with your brain for lasting results

physical web.jpg

Physical Wellness

  • Stressors: poor diet, lack of exercise, physical illness or injury, chronic pain.

  • Stress management categories: regular exercise, healthy eating, relaxation techniques (e.g. deep breathing, meditation), adequate sleep, regular medical checkups.

emotion web.jpg

Emotional  Wellness

  • Stressors: anxiety, depression, relationship issues, low self-esteem, traumatic experiences.

  • Stress management categories: therapy exercises, mindfulness meditation, journaling, self-care activities (e.g. taking a bath, going for a walk), support groups.

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Intellectual  Wellness

  • Stressors: academic pressures, job-related performance stress, information overload, lack of mental stimulation.

  • Stress management categories: time management, prioritization, setting goals, seeking challenges, learning new skills.

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Biohacking & Neurohacking

In addition to applying stress management to the 8 dimensions of the wellness wheel we integrate biohacks and neuro hacks for fast, effective results


Financial Wellness

  • Stressors: debt, unemployment, unexpected expenses, low income, lack of financial literacy.

  • Stress management categories: creating and sticking to a budget, seeking financial education or counseling, reducing expenses, increasing income, building an emergency fund.

job wellness.jpg

 Occupational Wellness

  • Stressors: job insecurity, long work hours, work overload, conflict with coworkers or management.

  • Stress management categories: time management, setting boundaries, seeking support from coworkers or management, improving communication skills, finding work-life balance.


Spiritual Wellness

  • Stressors: lack of purpose or meaning, loss of faith, existential crisis.

  • Stress management categories: practicing gratitude, meditation or prayer, connecting with nature, participating in religious or spiritual communities, volunteer work.


Social Wellness

  • Stressors: loneliness, conflict with friends or family, social anxiety, lack of social support.

  • Stress management categories: building and maintaining positive relationships, practicing good communication skills, seeking social support, participating in group activities, volunteering.


Environmental Wellness

  • Stressors: pollution, noise, clutter, safety concerns, ergonomics, digital workspace

  • Stress management categories: reducing energy consumption, recycling and waste reduction, organizing and decluttering, spending time in nature, emergency preparedness planning.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are unhappy with group coaching  for any reason after the second month, you  can cancel your enrolment for a prorated refund or have your funds applied to individual coaching sessions

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