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Physical Wellness

We include the basics of diet nutrition, vitamins, sleep, exercise, hydration and self-care for brain support and betterment as a start o our program but you later can focus on different physical wellness components such as those below.

Physical Wellness

The Physical Wellness Wheel dimension refers to an individual's overall physical health and well-being. Physical wellness relates to your overall physical health and ability to engage in physical activities.


Physical Dimension: Stress can manifest physically in various ways, such as headaches, muscle tension, and gastrointestinal issues. Chronic stress can increase the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses


We include a diet change because we need to optimize brain power but other benefits or focus can be weight loss.

You can motivate your exercise, reduce cravings, optize your health, speed up your metabolism, love to eat healthy, drink more water, give ourself a face lift or gain muscle mass by using your subconscious!

Patient on Scale

Exercise Performance

Exercise is important for brain health, but you ay later choose to optimize physical health or performance such as for sports, strength training etc.

Use your mind to motivate exercise, get your perfect healthy body, gain muscle mass, drink more water and improve your posture.

Balance Exercise

Self Care

Self-care is crucial to happiness and stress management.  This can be doing self-care for your body such as spa treatments, relaxation baths, cold therapy, deep breathing, yoga and more.

Bamboo Spa Pool


Sleep deprivation negatively affects your brain. Ensuring proper and restful sleep is paraount to good health.

To get a good night's sleep you can use your powerful subconscious to get a restful sleep, overcome insomnia, get depression relief,  power nap, stop obsessive thoughts, manage pain and bounce back from burn out!

Wooden Furnitures

Chronic Pain & Health Problems

Chonic pain and health ailments are detrimental to your energy and well-being. Focusing on pain relief and pain management can improve physical, emotional, social and other wellness diensions.

We all want to be pain and problem free

Use your subconscious to get headache and migrane relief, lower blood pressure, get pain relief, boost our immune system, reduce allergies, improve your vision, 
stop smoking, and more.

Joint Pain


Water is fudamental to brain and body health to operate properly. 

Staying Hydrated
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