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SOS STRESS RELIEF Exclusive Service

If you are finding your stress levels are through the roof, you have reached your limit, or you just cannot get out of the funk you feel , then this private individualized customized training and coaching is for you!

Are you feeling exhausted all the time ?
You are highly emotional or just feel numb?
Have no time for a social life and relationships are suffering?
Feel there has to be more to life than working all the time?
Want to be more productive and creative  without more coffee?

Need to better understand money success and the money rules?
Want to feel more success at work and fulfillment?

Feel you want a new life and you cannot go on like this?

As a business owner or executive, personal stressors can often be intertwined with professional ones.

  • Health Concerns: The demands of running a business or working a high-performance position can take a toll on a person's health. Do you struggle to find time for exercise, healthy eating, and practice self-care, which can lead to health problems and increased stress? PHYSICAL WELLNESS

  • Family and Relationship Issues: Do you find it difficult or challenging to balance personal and professional commitments,  finding your personal relationships suffer as a result? SOCIAL WELLNESS

  • Financial Obligations: Personal financial obligations, such as mortgage payments and college tuition, can cause significant stress. Are you struggling to pay bills or save for retirement? FINANCIAL WELLNESS

  • Personal Development:  Often Business owners and executives may feel pressure to continuously improve themselves to succeed in their roles.  Do you experience stress from pressure to constantly learn and grow,  or feel not as productive as could be? INTELLECTUAL WELLNESS

  • High Performance Pressure: Often Business owners and executives have demanding stressful jobs that allow limited downtime. Do you find yourself feeling highly emotional at times or even numb and disconnected, or just not fulfilled? EMOTIONAL WELLNESS

  • Work-Life Balance: Finding a balance between personal and professional life can be challenging especially in high performing positions that have  long hours and high workloads making it difficult to find time for personal commitments and hobbies. Do you find your work life balance is non -existent or could improve? OCCUPATIONAL WELLNESS

  • Personal Goals: Business owners and executives often have personal goals outside of their professional roles. Balancing these personal goals with their professional responsibilities can create stress and pressure.  Do you find you just are not passionate anymore or there must be a bigger purpose to life and your existence than work? SPIRITUAL WELLNESS

  • Work Space Enviro: Our workspace and environment impacts us. Do you find your work and digital space cluttered, disorganized, and frustrating? ENVIRONMENTAL WELLNESS

Personal stressors can impact a person's overall wellbeing, including their performance at work.

Here is what you get:

We spend 3 months together meeting weekly for one hour sessions to really hone in on your stress specifics.
Month 1: We  start with teaching you about stress, and biohacks and neuo hacks, plus holistic health. We lay the foundation and start implementing stress management and looking at  your customized road map.

Month 2: We dive into  the Physical Wellness dimension because we need you to have proper sleep, a healthy diet, and to exercise.  We use biohacking and neurohacking to get fast effective results. 

We spend some time together to identify your top stressors to tailor a program suited for your specific needs!

Month 3:In the third month together, we focus on your top stressor identified to increase that area of wellness. We again use biohacks and neuro hacks to do this  because we want fast results but these results can last a lifetime.

Biohacks and neurohacks are scientifically proven to get results. They are done by  incorporating small changes, technology and other elements to optimize your health and wellbeing.

We not only train and coach you, but we coach you to find and use your own inner coach!

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